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Want your very own custom notecards? PetArtStudios offers those individuals with distinctive taste their very own collection, reproducing your fine art commission portrait as customized PetArtNotes. PetArtNotes, a series of fine art notecards created about your pet just for you!  After your artwork is completed, take NOTE with your artwork. PetArtNotes are over the top personal, reproduced on 100% linen cover stock with a matching linen envelope…These classy notecards can be created, gifted, & collected. The perfect compliment in a beautiful gift satchel.

PetArtNotes Gallery showcases many a whirlwind of color, energy and vibrancy of my favorite portraits within this note card series. For those interested in a variety of breeds numerous cards are available for purchase, all featuring my exclusive artwork.

PetArtNotes make wonderful and very sincere gifts for the pet enthusiast in all of us…. wonderful gifts for showman, judges and breed specific shows too!

ORDER your PetArtNotes today!  Questions? Email Rachel03@atlanticbb.net or call 814-944-2111.


Many of my pieces have attracted an audience of onlookers… those that may want a simple yet high-quality reproduction of my original artwork. Now, they too can own a reproduction print of a PetArtStudios portrait! These Gyclée prints also have a curb appeal for the doggie and pet lovers who personalize their homes with breed specific memorabilia.  This reproduction process is museum quality. All prints are signed by me. Cool Stuff!

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The Art of Being aart-of-being-a-pet-cover Pet by Rachel DiAndrea

A gallery collection of fine art illustrations, dancing with color and energy by Altoona, PA artist Rachel DiAndrea. The Art of Being a Pet is Rachel’s first release written with a rhyming whimsy, describing wonderful pets and why they are so dear to us. The book is vibrant with hues and fosters a really good feeling with young and old.

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I participated in a way cool interview while filming my fine artwork process live with a time-lapse camera. Slightly nervous about creating under pressure, this ended up being a terrific idea. I agreed to have a camera mounted over my head on my drawing board, the 7 hr. studio process speed illustrates how my artwork comes to life! Featuring my own pup “BlingBling” I can talk you through the how my art is made.  The video is currently available for viewing on YouTube…share your comments!



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