I always loved animals and had every intention of becoming a veterinarian, until I took an art class in Highschool. That’s where pencil, paper & pets became my passion. I then began the artistic adventure that followed through college by graduating Cum Laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo, N.Y., with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in communications design in 1985.  My career afforded me the opportunity to account manage clients in lithography, printing and eventually fast forwarding to a dual career within the commercial marketing field at DiAndrea Media.  The creative path continues setting the stage for a colorful and rewarding profession that I enjoy every day.


My fine artwork reflects a personal passion for color…. mirroring emotions our pets intrinsically express to us by providing a snapshot of the heartfelt loyalty, unconditionally.


It was with that understanding of animal relationships that drove me to establish myself as a premier national canine illustrator earning awards at several national fine art competitions including The Art Show at the Dog Show in Wichita, Kansas & LSU’s International Exhibition on Animals in Art in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   I built an artistic reputation by participating in local, regional, and national exhibits throughout Pennsylvania, DC, Virginia, New York and beyond. Memorable honors include DOG FANCIERS canine artwork competition at Sardi’s restaurant in NYC and submission to the “Canine Treasures” exhibit at the AKC Museum of the Dog in St Louis, MO.


As a dog lover and owner of Babette—a standard poodle, Bling Bling—Chinese crested, and a fat Halflinger horse named “Annie Fannie,”   I know that creating a lasting portrait of a pet is a lifetime gift. Artwork is not only about the breed, it’s about the heart and soul of each pet found within every portrait that brings my clients back time and time again.


I’ve always enjoyed giving back to my community serving as past President for the Pennsylvania Artists Professional Association, Chairperson of “Day of the Arts” at Juniata Gap elementary school, volunteering  and past Board member with DREAMS GO ON (a therapeutic horseback riding group for special needs children and  private horse therapy rides for special individuals); Wise Women of Blair County Recipient Arts and Letters honor for outstanding professional achievement, integrity, leadership and dedication standing in the ARTS;  President of AMBUCS Altoona; Central PA Humane Society, Altoona Kennel Club,  Sister Paula’s Soup Kitchen Volunteer, and other organizations along the way that make a difference.  Leading by example and staying busy is just a way of life for me and the basis for a fulfilling life.


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